Dreaming in a world of dreams

Great… The most interesting part of the episode and they end it there…Aaaaand with a scene of Jane instead of Maura… Unbelievable.

We see Jane talking to Paddy and we have to stand Angela and Cavanaugh’s conversation but we can’t see Maura and Paddy’s farewell?

Talking about Maura taking a back seat this season!!

Boston Keltic Sneak Peek  (the video title is wrong, it is the actual sneak peek of this week).

Fic idea

In 1x02, Maura stabbed the retired-cop killer to safe herself from his clutches. What if she felt some kind of pleasure with this action?

The fic would be Maura’s struggle to repress her dark side, her attempts at therapy and Jane’s reaction after knowing Maura’s inner battle. Would Maura finally succeed or would she fall to the darkness inside her like she was afraid of?

It seems to me that Angela is claiming her spot next to Jane in front of Maura, as if she was competing with her. She says things like: “I will miss you (to Maura) but this way I’ll have a one-on-one time with Jane”. Be careful Maura, just in case mama bear attacks…

BTW, lately I’m having trouble understanding Angie sometimes. She tends to speak with her mouth almost closed and it makes it harder to understand her. I hope I’m not the only one with this problem.

"Knockout" (5x06) Sneak Peek.

Sasha ends up excited and dancing like crazy. 

This is a call to all real Sasha fans: why don’t we ask the writers on Twitter, always with absolute respect, please, to give Sasha more screen time and, above all, interesting plots?

She really deserves much more that she is being given in the show and I’d love to see her acting as amazingly as she does everytime she’s got the chance. Right now she doesn’t have that chance. 

Comeback and frustration

OK, so after a while I’m back. I guess no one missed me, ha!  :)

I just watched the new episodes of season 5 and read a lot of posts on the R&I tag. I think I’ll be pretty much alone in my opinion, but I’m not liking what I’m seeing so far. The only thing that I see improved from last season is the respect from Jane to Maura, nothing else. 

They are still using the “Oh, great, as long as we put a nice scene or two between the two of them we’ll get away with it”. And they are, unfortunately. 

The cases are not better than they were in past seasons. Maura is still being used as the comic relief and it doesn’t look better for the future. Jane is still the main character but reduced to a pregnant woman whose life decisions depend on the child and nothing else. So much for the strong women we were hoping to see.

The disrespectful scenes are still on: “French women don’t shave their armpits”. “She’s GAAAY. She’s a lesbian!!” and so on. The writers don’t even take into consideration that their show is international and don’t even care.

They have no intention of making Jane and Maura a couple but they still put those lesbian puns into practice. And that’s not OK. Especially because the showrunner is a lesbian and should be even more respectful with that subject than any other else, when it seems the other way round. 

Jane’s going to lose the baby and then all the scenes Jane and Maura are sharing lately will be for nothing. What will be left by then? More fake flirting? No further comment on that…

The show could be called Rizzoli & Rizzoli because lately we are seeing more of Frankie than of Maura.

Like I said, I know this opinion will be unpopular but I needed to post it to show my frustration. I lost all excitement for any new episode and now maybe I’ll watch them when I’m in the mood and not when they are aired. 

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much and have a great rest of the week.  ;)

They’ve added three more episodes to this season of Rizzoli and Isles. It was announced yesterday on set.  Season 5 = 18 episodes.